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Spread / Goal
2023/02/04 19:30
4' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚5' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚8' - Corner Kick - 塞内加尔24' - Corner Kick - 塞内加尔25' - Corner Kick - 塞内加尔36' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚45' - Corner Kick - 塞内加尔48' - Corner Kick - 塞内加尔49' - Corner Kick - 塞内加尔51' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚62' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚66' - Corner Kick - 塞内加尔75' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚78' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚83' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚84' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚85' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚90' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚93' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚97' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚106' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚107' - Corner Kick - 阿尔及利亚 HT
-0.5 / 1.75

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About African Nations Championship

African Nations Championship Qualifyings consist of 6 zone(North Zone, Zone West A, Zone West B, Centre Zone and Central-East Zone), 48 teams, and since 2011, 16 teams qualify for the tournament, allocated this way (including host country):2 each for North Zone and Zone West A; 3 each for Zone West B, Central Zone, Central-East Zone and Southern Zone.The group stage of the African Nations Championship features pools of four teams drawn at random with a single round robin system. The top two teams from each group advance to the knockout stage. The quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals all adopt knockout system. If draw appears in the 90-minute for overtime, the winner is determined by penalty kick.